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Mission Statement was founded in Köln in 2016 to empower entrepreneurs to face and surpass the hard problems posed by market digitization.

The firm was acquired in late 2019 by Quadriga Hochschule and moved to Berlin, where it will draw on Quadriga’s infrastructural assets and ethos of self-betterment, as well as the capital’s international outlook and allure for go-getter technologists.

Now as before, our core aim is to form the link between firms striving to drive innovation and tech-savvy communities whose hard skills and software can effectively propel progress. We seek to bridge these two types of expertise via intense collaborative activities – such as hackathons and design sprints – that deliver fitting solutions to business-specific challenges.

For partnering companies, these ‘bursts’ quickly produce use-ready prototypes, help employees upskill, and instill durable calm and confidence about keeping pace with industry change. For the engineers, these clusters offer productive outlets for creative experimentation, new job prospects, and network contact with advances in data usage and APIs.

For all involved, the goods of such partnership come from the act of crossing over: from analog to digital; from local to global; and from reading the code to re-writing it.

Case Study

Jupiter Jones in Concert

POST /bank Hackathon Roadshow

What does the future hold in store for Postbank’s digital services? And how will it incorporate both traditional verticals like retail and innovative tools like smart data?

In close cooperation with Postbank, we organized and executed the POST /bank Hackathon Roadshow to directly address these and a list of other questions critical to the company’s long-term outlook.


Partner: Deutsche Postbank AG
Locations: Köln, Hamburg, Berlin, München, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Bonn
Events: 3 Hackathons, 3 Meetups, 1 Grand Finale
Participants: > 300
Prototypes: > 60


Over the course of ten months, and with the support of several prominent sponsors, we toured seven of Germany’s largest cities to run several high-intensity development challenges.

We invited the participation of hundreds of members of these cities‘ creative communities – from designers and developers to successful startups and first-year university students – to imagine solutions that Potstbank could use as the bases for new internal processes and client services.

It was my first time participating in a hackathon and it was just phenomenal. It was a productive and fun weekend that brought great results.

Tobias Ehret
Head of Digital Experience & Innovation Management
Deutsche Postbank AG


We’re grateful to have partnered with clients and sponsors that have themselves defined the curve of market change by pioneering, producing, and popularizing important digital technologies.

Honda RI


Our tight-knit team comprises a wealth of talents, from web developers to business strategists, and is ready to support a range of innovation priorities.

Fabian Beiner
Director of Product
Frederik Nyga
Director of Partnerships
Melanie Baur
Project Lead
Prof. Christian Heinrich
Professor of Digital Transformation
Patrick Kurth
Content Manager
Signe Dammeyer
Senior Project Manager
Nerissa Williams
Project Manager
Melanie Baier
Data Scientist

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